The Samlioglu Group
The Samlioglu group, which has investments in construction, food, cosmetics and tourism,
is active at home and also in seven countries. Magro Food is the group’s only investment
in the field of food. 
Magro Food
Magro Food is producing and manufacturing organic and natural dry fruits, nuts and snacks.
The production is made in its modern factory that has 1100 m² administrative offices,10.000m²
closed production area, and 26.000 m² open production area in Malatya II.Organized Industry 
Region with its young, dynamic and professional staff and using the last technology, it produces   
healthy, hygienic and delicious products for the consumers.        
Our Mission
-To produce products by processing local products that will create value at home and overseas.
-To offer our consumers superior, healthy, natural and reliable products.
-To deliver our qualified products to our customers in a short time without disturbing the natural structure.
-To preserve the quality of our products.
- Not to harm the nature at the production phase.
-To rise together with our staff, suppliers and dealers.
Our Vision
-To be the leader brand at home and overseas in the field of food.
-To constantly upgrade our quality in production and service.
-To ensure that the name MAGRO will be remembered as having reliable, healthy and natural products.
-To be a leader firm that ensures happiness to its customers, suppliers and staff.
-To increase our brand value by offering our customers the “qualified” products.
Our Values
-To be innovative and make a difference
-To be constantly excellent
-Never to compromise of being honest and accurate
-To give importance to team spirit inside the firm.
-To be open to all critics and ideas.
-To be up-to-date all the time.
-To love and respect everyone.